Google+ (Plus) for Businesses, Publishers and Bloggers

google  projectFor years, Google has had an inconsistent social media strategy involving missed opportunities and unfulfilled potential.  Orkut, as a platform, had great promise but never saw the necessary backing and investment.  Buzz was a first step that stumbled through a series of initial privacy concerns after the product was forced on all Gmail users.  There are also Google’s Open Social, Google Wave (defunct), Latitude and Huddle.  Among these, Google Wave was an advanced feature rich platform that few understood and even fewer adopted.

The landscape is shifting (dramatically) and Google is in the process of launching a revolutionary social media platform that is likely to change at least part of your online strategy, search engine optimization (SEO) and the way you interact with various social groups.  It’s called Google+ (Google Plus).

google plus circles sparks hangouts

Why is Google+ ground breaking?  A number of reasons …. as a platform, Google+ is:

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